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Discover How I Come Up With A Content Plan For The Entire Next Year Within 30 Minutes Or Less

New Online Marketing Discovery Helps You To Make People
Be Excited About Your Products Like Nothing Else

Enough of blinking cursors, no more ideas and straight up overwhelm when you think about your next video, blog post or Instagram post.

If all this course did was getting you one single customer 
Would it be worth $200?
Would it be worth $100?
Would it be worth $50?

What if I gave you a system that consistently gets you customers - for ONLY $7!

Here's The Truth Why Most People Struggle With Content

Most People are in fear when thinking about their next video. They see the blinking cursor on a blank page in their dreams. And before they can even start creating great content they sigh and resign.
Have you ever said one of those sentences?
  • "I don't know what to say"
  • "I made a video but nobody saw it"
  • "I have a topic idea... but how do I create a video that interests people?"

Imagine You Wake Up Every Day And Your Content Is Already Done

I know many people who think about the topics just minutes before they start shooting videos. What a cruel feeling that is if you're not aware what to say the minute the camera starts rolling.
The solution? A system that helps you to create content within minutes with a proven formula and creativity boosting techniques.

The Ages Of Boring Content Is Over! Introducing PowerContent Bootcamp

The industry leading online course that explains how to get from a blank sheet of paper to a system that helps you to generate hundreds of great content ideas and turn them into scripts that make your audience want to sell your products.

The Easy Step-By-Step Process Of Power Content Bootcamp

Create A Content Plan for the next 365 days

This is so much easier as it may seem! Within an hour you will easily have planned your content for an entire year... for ALL your platforms and they perfectly fit together!

Create Content With A Proven Script Template

Selling is the art of sharing your thoughts and stories about a certain problem. With a proven script you can create your perfect Video within minutes!

Record Your Videos And Publish Them Online

Now it's time to create trust, authority... And to make money at the same time!
After you published your videos you will see how your sales will increase over time.

What You Will Learn In Power Content Bootcamp

Desk Piece Secrets

Learn the big secrets of Late Night Shows and how you can use it to make your audience addicted to your content

Door Opener Sentences

No second chance for first impressions! Learn how to be inspiring from the first second

Seductive Scripts

From the first sentence to the sell! How to write good scripts for any platform that will help you to write scripts within minutes.

Topic Booster

Ran out of topic ideas? This will never happen again! Because this workflow helps you to come up with hundreds of topics

Content Spread Formula

How to plan your content for ALL of your platforms for the ENTIRE YEAR within half an hour... or less!

BONUS! Content Creation 

This worksheet will help you to come up with content ideas the right and fast way.

BONUS! Perfect Script Worksheet

Lose no more time with worrying if your content will work. Because KNOWING it works is so much more soothing!

I Know What You're Saying! I've Been There Myself!

There are two types of content. Content that is made to build reach and there is content made to sell. What we need is the sweet spot of both worlds! Content that is interesting for a lot of people... and converts them to buy! Something I call PowerContent.

Here's What You Will Get Immediately

Get right now all of those contents immediately to your inbox. Your account will be created automatically and you can start learning right away!
  • Desk Piece Secrets (value $97)
  • Door Opener Sentences (value $97)
  • Seductive Scripts (value $97)
  • Topic Booster (value $97)
  • Content Spread Formula (value $47)
  • BONUS: Content Creation Worksheet (value $47)
  • BONUS: Perfect Script Worksheet
    (value $47)

$529 only $7

Hi, My Name Is Christopher Bucklein

You may not have heard of me before. I am one of the minds behind the biggest YouTube channels of the world. With more than 11 billion generated views and 7 channels that use my strategies getting one million subscribers I've led many brands to success.
But I was not always a "marketing guru". Instead, I had to learn it the hard way. Making hundreds of mistakes, failing and publishing videos that got no views at all.
If you want to kickstart your online marketing journey - I'm your man!

What Others Have To Say About Power Content Bootcamp

Thank You
So Much!

"Thank you so much for this bootcamp! Have been struggling for a while with ideas. Now I come up with new ones every day!" - David S.

This Workshop
Is Gold

"It makes perfect sense. Amazing value! Now I have more time for my kids and still publish twice a week. This workshop is gold!" - Nadine R.

Best Invested $7
In My Life

"Are you serious? All that information for only $7? That's the best invested $7 in my life!." - Louis K.

Already Got 2 
Sells! Thanks!

"I already got 2 sells after using your strategies and uploading 3 videos. Thanks for that script!" - Brendon F.

You don't love the product? Get Your Money Back!

Scouts honor, if you don't like what you'll get within 7 days I promise you to refund the money you invested in yourself. As an entrepreneur the highest gift I have are happy customers. So if you're not happy shoot me a message and without questions asked you'll get your $7 back.

Are You Ready To Get Started Producing Best Selling Content?

While you are sitting in front of your desktop and think about whether you invest $7 into your business or a cup of overpriced coffee your competitors already could have published a video that makes it harder for you to grow in that niche. If that does not motivate you... Here's a real reason!
Only the first 100 buyers get the price of $7! After that the price will go up and you will never see it again that low.

Think about it.... 

If all this bootcamp did is helping you to acquire only ONE customer - would it be worth it? Click the button below and get PowerContent Bootcamp NOW!
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